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Kim Scheft, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in South Florida. She graduated from Nova Southwestern University in 1991 and she has more than 27 years of experience in private practice.

Ms. Scheft began her career at Counseling Services Institute in Boca Raton, Florida in 1992. She served as both supervisor (1998-2003) and clinical director (2005-2012).

In 2006, she introduced Memory Counselors of America, LLC to the community which is a hands-on organization that travels to work in assisted living communities and private homes. What people of all ages benefit from most is human interaction. The program is creatively designed to teach memory skills using mnemonics and a variety of games.

Kim Scheft also owns Counseling Services Associates, which is a group of talented and accomplished professionals, with over 70 years of combined experience, who are committed to continuous learning and implementing the best practices to provide excellent care. Employee Assistance Programs, serving both public and private sector organizations. An Employee Assistance Program is a benefit, organizations provide to employees and their families, for free psychological counseling to address both personal and professional matters.

In 2018, Concierge Counseling for the VIP evolved out of a demand to make psychotherapy available to the client who might have a public image to protect. Concierge Counseling is an exclusive service for the discriminating client who places privacy, confidentiality, convenience and themselves a top priority. We come to you for complete protection of privacy, the convenience to choose the location and time, and the confidentiality of highly personalized counseling with a seasoned psychologist.

Ms. Scheft is Certified in Hypnotherapy with extensive training in Gestalt Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Grief Therapy. Her approach pivots on the belief that a person’s greatest need is to feel understood and that the most important piece of psychotherapy is the trust a client places in the therapist to share their innermost feelings. That trust lays the foundation for a therapeutic alliance to explore, examine and heal the past, present and future.



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Copyright 2019 by Concierge Counseling for the VIP. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy

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