A lot has been written in the field of psychotherapy recently about the arising need for concierge counseling and treatment. However, for more than 27 years seasoned psychologist Kim Scheft has been addressing the need for making psychotherapy available and accessible for discriminating clients who need privacy and confidentiality.

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in South Florida Kim Scheft has been working with patients struggling with life-altering circumstances and working through mental health issues ranging from divorce and death to depression, anger and anxiety. No matter who she is treating, the cornerstones of Concierge Counseling for the VIP are compassion and hope. Kim’s innovative practice is based on a patient centered philosophy, strong direct care coordination and a dedicated focus on exclusive psychotherapy services.

Concierge Counseling From West Palm Beach To Miami

Concierge counseling for the VIP is a psychotherapy practice offering direct care, accessibility, personalized attention, privacy and services above and beyond customary care.   Kim Scheft’s cutting edge and evidence-based therapeutic programs provide services for her elite clientele in southern Florida, from West Palm Beach to Miami. Concierge counseling provides a high degree of security and exclusivity that cannot be matched in a flexible, comfortable and safe environment.

When it comes to treating mental health illnesses it has become apparent that many people in need of treatment also have exclusive challenges. For some there is a general resistance to traditional recovery facilities, for others, there are specific privacy issues, and for a great many more, there are additional medical and/or emotional concerns that cannot always respond to standardized psychotherapy situations. For these reasons, Kim’s concierge counseling treatment has become a viable alternative medicine for thousands of patients.

Privacy issues are certainly at the forefront for many of Dr. Harry’s clients who need enhanced therapeutic care. Concierge treatment provides a high degree of security and exclusivity that cannot be matched. Most people suffering simply cannot leave home for months at a time. In addition, radically changing their schedule prevents anonymity and raises questions from family, neighbors, client and colleagues and the public. High-profile individuals, as well as others who cannot afford to take time off have found concierge services the ultimate answer to these difficult and highly personalized circumstances.

Concierge Counseling With Kim Scheft

As with the treatment of any other medical need, finding the right counselor or therapist to treat mental health issues can seem like an overwhelming task. The daunting process is simplified with Kim Scheft and Concierge Counseling for the VIP. Kim is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who customizes treatment solutions that address her patients’ underlying diagnosis to promote overall wellness in the mind, body, social environment and spirit.

One of the biggest benefits of concierge medicine and concierge counseling is the safe space to foster a trusting relationship between therapist and patient, helping to boost the healing process, facilitating a faster and more efficient road to recovery.

Kim realizes that each client is unique, as are his or her situations, life experiences and root causes.  Kim is able to address these life issues at their core and assist you in making the necessary changes to turn your life around. This is why she offers discreet, top-of-the-line concierge counseling treatment that allows you to find healing specific to your needs.

Her individualized concierge program is designed for the professional, or individual, who is searching for the highest quality psychological health care available. Her exclusive concierge program of healing is completely individualized around the clients’ needs and wants. To find out more about the powerful alternative to traditional methods of healing and to see if Concierge Counseling for the VIP is right for you, call Kim Scheft at 561-289-1287.

Serving South Florida from West Palm Beach to Miami

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